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Holly Franklin

Commercial Experience

Richards Group Moroch Allyn Media
Loomis Reveal Productions Rapp Collins
t:m Uproar Pearson Partners
Andrews and Associates Litzky Richards Group
Allyn and Co t:m Dieste Harmel Partners
In Motion Imagery Fletcher Martin Hauthaus Creative
Downtown Partners


Holly Franklin (a.k.a. Hollypop!) is a spunki-licious voice talent who lost count how many times people have asked, “is that your real voice?” ages ago. She specializes in kid, teen and character voices and is best known for her work on My Little Pony, Barney, Owlegories & BOZ the Bear series


cartoon and toy voices, animal sounds, dance choreography, landscape design, quirky, improv, silly, physical comedy, singing, professional recording studio, health education, teacher * 4 Children's Music CD's (Treehouse Tunes 1 & 2, Barney's Jungle Friends, Holiday Magic 2009) Website:


BS Education-Texas A&M University; Voiceover-Bob Bergen, Joyce Castellanos, Bob Magruder, Rob Paulsen, Elaine Clark, Mark McIntyre, Bill Holmes, Bruce Carey, Deb Munro, Ned Lott, MJ Lallo; Acting-Shannon Pinkston, Toni Cobb Brock, City On a Hill Arts

Vocal Qualities

Kid - Girl or Boy, Tween, Teen, Millenial, Gen X, Gen Y, Young Mom, Baby, Preschool, Spunky, Sarcastic, Snarky, Innocent, Critters, Cheerleader, Singing


non-regional, Southern or Texan upon request



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