Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Marcus Mauldin

Commercial Experience

GDS&M Young & Republicam TLP, Inc.
The Richards Group Temerlin McClain Product conflicts available upon request
Levenson & Hill (Nat'l) The King Group (Reg'l) The Richards Group (Nat'l)
EMS (Nat'l) Levenson & Hill (Nat'l) The King Group (Reg'l)
Moroch & Assoc. (Nat'l) McCann Erickson (Reg) Levenson & Hill (Nat'l)
Moroch & Assoc. (Nat'l) Publicis Sanchez Levitan (Nat'l) Beaucoup Chapeaux (Nat'l)
EMS (Reg'l) The Richard's Group Moroch & Assoc. (Nat'l)
DDB Needham (Nat'l) TLP Inc. (Nat'l) The King Group (Reg'l)
PGC Advertising (Reg'l)


Sexy and smooth, ruff and rugged, casual and comedic, likeavle and loveable, strong and masculine, always diverse. Marcus M. Mauldin- the voice you want to hear again and again.


Stage combat, fight stunts, handguns, weightlifting, football, singing, dancing, voices, accents


The Extra Mile with Glenn Morshower, Workshop with Kim Fields, Improv/Comedy – Tony Sepulveda, TV & Film Acting/Delia Frankel, Pamela Baker, Kevin Scott, Brooke Bundy, Robin Nassif, Cliff Osmond.

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