Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Jayna Wallach

Commercial Experience

Campbell Ewald DDB Maitland Creative Group
Raygun The Wolf Agency The Video Group


Voice for Hire. Hip/ironic/comedic. Snappy/sassy. Super-smiling/commercial. Suit-and-tie/professional. Sophisticated/deluxe. Authoritative/industrial. Straight-up-mimicry. And nutty character voices, storming the mic.


Painting, drawing, graphic design, writing, home renovation, gardening, ice skating, dancing, tapdancing, singing, cycling, running, swimming, yoga, voiceover, character voices.


B.A. Yale University ; R.E.A.C.T., Meisner film acting classes ; Voiceover classes: Randy Tallman, David Lambert, Andy Long, Bettye Zoller ; Stagedoor Manor, summer program, theater, musical theater, voice, and dance lessons.

Vocal Qualities

Fast, slow, high, low, over-the-top, natural, silly, serious, hot, cold, all business, all play, hardsell, softsell, regional, neutral, emotional, or monotone, it's in my bag of tricks. Young, adult, and/or young adult.

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