Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Andy Long

Commercial Experience

Multiple Commercials Available upon Request


Andy Long is the perfect voice to promote your theme park or your cheeseburger. He does dead-on impressions of Pooh, Elmer Fudd and Harry from Zoids.

Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Comedic, Warm, Friendly, Nerd, Farmer, Raspy, Blue Collar, Interview, Storyteller, Punkrock, Valley, Southern, Fast talker, Grandparent, Cartoon, Muppets, Sarcastic, Dialog, Deadpan, Sexy, Tongue in cheek, Newscaster, Smooth, Narration, Team


Bostonian, British, European, Italian, New York, Southern, Spanish, New England, Texan, Yiddish, Irish, Australian, German, Polish

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