Kim Dawson Agency Talent

John William Galt

Union Affiliations


Theatre Experience

Three Goats and a Blanket with Mickey Rooney No Sex Please We are British The Moon is Blue with Don Ameche
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Michael Cole Musicman Fantastiks
Red Dawg The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch Stalag 17 Funny Girl
Do Not Drink the Water

Film/TV Experience

Walker, Texas Ranger - Behind the Badge
Vern Michael Preese Amadea Film Production
Forrest Gump
Voice of LBJ Robert Zemeckis Paramount / Zemeckis
Wishbone - Bone of Ark, Monkeying Around
Soccer Coach, Buddha Fred Holmes Big Feats Productions
A Fugitive Among Us
Jimmy Michael Uno CBS, Empty Chair
Voice of LBJ Oliver Stone Bon Bon, Camelot
Touch and Die
Corrupt Customs Agent Piernico Solinas SFP, European
Problem Child
Prison Warden Dennis Duggan Universal, MCA
Fire and Rain
FAA Weatherman Jerry Jameson Cousette Productions
Born on the 4th of July
Fat Republican Oliver Stone Bon Bon
Rosalie Goes Shopping
Bank President Percy Adlon New Productions
Ollie Hopnoodles Haven of Bliss
Granny Dick Bartlet Disney, AmerPlyhs
Talk Radio
Various Callers Oliver Stone Bon Bon
Officer Lloyd Robert Benton TriStar
Dallas, The Early Years
Party Guest Larry Elikan Lorimar
The Dirt Bike Kid
Chief Galt Hoite Caston Corman, New Horizons
The Jesse Owens Story
Officer Yount Richard Irving Paramount
With Intent to Kill
Walt Duminal Mike Robe CBS, Golden
Not for Publication
Teddy (gang member) Paul Bartel North Street
Face of Rage
Prison Escort Guard Donald Wyre ABC, Viacom
Crisis at Central High
Mr. Kirby Lamont Johnson NBC, Time Life
Hangar 18
Nasa Official James Conway Schick Sunn
Looped 4 characters Paul Schrader Columbia Pictures
Return of Josey Wales
Kelly Michael Parks Multi Productions
First Family
Looped 4 characters Buck Henry Columbia Pictures
Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald
Lt. Haber David Green ABC, Fries Productions
Ruby and Oswald
Whaley Mel Stuart CBS, Alan Landsburg
Cowboy, Bartender Barry Crane Lorimar
Bermuda Triangle
Peterson (FAA) Richard Friedenberg Schick Sunn
Paper Moon
Morton Perrywinkle Alex March ABC, Paramount


John William Galt, 30 films, 28 Dinner Theatre and stock shows. Thousands of commercials, industrials, and movie trailer voice overs. If you can think of anything else, he'll try it.


Black belt instructor in Tae Guek Kwan Kung Fu (Tai Chai Chuan), certified by Chun Seung Jong Hap Moo Sool in Seoul, Korea in 1990 with former belts in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Hap Ki Do, Akido. Proficient with hand weapons such as Chinese broadswords, fighting knives and firearms.

Vocal Qualities

Narration, Storyteller, Smooth, Interview, Spokesperson, Team (Pair), HE CAN DO IT ALL!


You name it, he can do it! Years of experience to prove it!

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