Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Kristin McCollum

Industrial Experience

Pulse - FETN Baylor Healthcare American Airlines
JC Penney WFAA La Madeleine
Texas Instruments Educational Institute of AH&MA NEC


From young mom to quirky character to corporate announcer, Kristin's unique, natural delivery and comic timing drawn from years of improv comedy help get your point across.


Fluent French, Mutiple Dialects,Rudimentary German & Polish, Beginning Klingon, Soccer,Singing,Snow Mobiling, Scuba, Fourwheeling,Petanque, Foosball,Chicken & Child wrangling.

Vocal Qualities

Comedic, Warm, Friendly, Blue Collar, Interview, Storyteller, Fast Talker, Muppets, Cartoon, Sarcastic, Dialog, Deadpan, Sexy, Tongue-in-cheek, Smooth, Narration, Team (Pair)


British, European, French, Italian, New York, Southern, Spanish, Texan, Chicago, Canadian, German, Middle Eastern, Polish



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