Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Jared Hooker

Commercial Experience

Product conflicts available upon request


Jared has a voice that ranges from urban, hip and cool, to friendly and enthusiastic. But most of all he is believable!


Improv, Football (Defensive End, Line Backer, Tight End, Offensive Tackle, Full Back, Special Teams), Baseball (Any Position), Basketball, All Other Sports, Singing (Baritone/Tenor), Dancing, Bartending, Waiter, Dialects (Various), Impressions (Various), Television/Newspaper Reporting (B.S. in Journalism), Can Play the Tuba, Professional Fight Choreographer, Driver, PC and Video Game Player, Teleprompter & Audioprompter.


Film/Television Acting: Ed Johnston (Casting Director/Co-Producer - Amistad, The Apostle, JFK), Richard Allen - Professor of TV/Film (TCU), Belinda Boyd - TV Film Acting - Faculty/Director TCU Theatre. Improvisation/Theatre: Frank Ford - 4 Day Weekend, David Wilk - 4 Day Weekend, David Ahern - 4 Day Weekend, Julian Glover - Green Actor's Chair Studio, Belinda Boyd & George Brown - Theatre TCU

Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Comedic, Warm, Friendly, Blue Collar, Southern, Grandparent, Cartoon, Muppet, Dialog, Sexy, Newscaster, Smooth, Narration, Team (pair)


British, French, New York, Southern, Spanish, Texan, Irish, Chicago, East Indian, Australian, African

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