Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Matthew Fisher

Commercial Experience

Publicis Commerce House RD&F Advertising
David and Goliath


As a seasoned professional in radio and television broadcasting Matthew Fisher has developed a unique set of skills that has helped shape and refine his voiceover career. Coming up from the production side of the business Matthew understands the creative process, and what it takes to make copy come alive. For the past seven years Matthew has worked as a voiceover talent in Dallas, Texas.


Extensive experience in audio/video production, writing and producing. Over 5 years radio broadcasting experience as voice talent and production. Bob Michaels Voice-Over Training, Coaching and Instruction Bachelor of Arts: Communication/Broadcasting Masters of Arts: Communication

Vocal Qualities

His unique and distinctive voice is friendly and conversational, a real person with wit, humor and excellent comedic timing. He’s the “everyday Joe,” the guy next door (who just happens to be a really nice guy), which is why he can pull off that guy-next-door read.

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