Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Alan Ackles

Industrial Experience

Pepsi Cola Frito-Lay Texas Instruments
Muratec General Motors General Dynamics
Alcon Boy Scouts JC Penney
Volkswagen Phillips Petroleum Texaco
Amerian Cancer Society The Associates Motorola
American Airlines Weedeater Southwestern Bell
Procter & Gamble Buick Nortel
E-Systems Federal Express Compucom
Pagenet Otis Engineering U.S. Postal Service
Dr. Pepper Arthur Anderson John Deer
Alcon GM Trucks Chevrolet
Mobilcom Kimberly Clark American Media
International Media Systems Better Homes & Gardens API Travel
Pella Windows American Heart Ryobi
Ernst & Young


A consummate voice actor. Believable real guy, drama, comedy, character & high energy announcer. Spokesman for countless national spots. ISDN & Source Connect Studio


Extensive experience with Audioprompter and teleprompter.

Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Warm, Comedic, Friendly, Farmer, Blue Collar, Interview, Storyteller, Southern, Deadpan, Tongue in cheek, Newscaster, Narration


British, Southern, Irish, New York, German, Middle East

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