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Mikaela Krantz

Mikaela Krantz

Union Membership


Industrial Experience

Warner Bros Day Player You Bet Your Data
Twist & Shout Recurring Day Player Information Security, Season 2

Theatre Experience

Abraham Zobell: Final Reel Crystal Undermain Theatre
Hank Williams: Lost Highway Audrey Williams WaterTower Theatre
Jailbait Emmy Dallas Actors Lab
The Grapes of Wrath Rose of Sharon WaterTower Theatre
Gruesome Playground Injuries Kayleen Sundown Collaborative
A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck Stolen Shakespeare Festival
Hollywood Arms Helen (older) Theatre Arlington
The Real Thing Debbie Stage West Theatre
Lord of the Flies Simon Level Ground Arts
Seven in One Blow, Or Brave Little Kid The Kid Circle Theatre
Jeeves in the Morning Nobby Hopwood Stage West Theatre
Talking Pictures Katie Bell Jackson Stage West Theatre
Taming of the Shrew Guitarist, Baptista u/s Hudson Valley Shakes. Fest., NY
Troilus & Cressida Guitarist, Patroclus, Andromache u/s Hudson Valley Shakes. Fest., NY
Julius Caesar Casca, Portia Hudson Valley Shakes. Fest., NY
Tiny Disasters Lucy Guthrie Theatre, MN
Henry VI Part 2 (scenes) Joan of Arc Globe Theatre, London

Film/TV Experience

The Good Samaritan Alice Marian Yeagar
Fairy Tail Beth


Basic Guitar (Chords & Picking), Basic Piano, Yo-yoing, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Juggling, Basic Tumbling & Stage Combat, Dialects (Minnesotan, Southern, British RP, Cockney, Irish, Faux French, Russian), Can use IPA


University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA Program, Summa Cum Laude; London Intl. School of Performing Arts (Laqoc & Mask work) - Thomas Prattki; Globe Theatre, London (Shakespeare & Movement) - Glynn MacDonald; Physical Comedy & Clowning - Jon Ferguson, Bob Rosen; Meisner/Stanislavski/Classical Text - Kenneth Mitchell, Steve Cardemone, Tom Cornford; Partner Dancing (Waltz, Swing, Fox Trot, Two Step, Salsa) - Brian Sostek; Dance (Hip Hop, African, Jazz, Ballet, Modern) - Marcela Lorca, Morris Johnson, Zoe Sealy, Marcela Lorca; Voice/Dialect - Edda Sharpe, Sewart Pierce, Yvonne Morley, Elisa Carlson, Lucinda Holshue; Singing (Mezzo Soprano) - Julie Bonk, Michael Gott, Andrew Cooke;


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