Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Susan Carol Davis

Susan Carol Davis

Union Membership


Commercial Video

Theatre Experience

THE TRAVELING LADY Clara Breedlove Actors Co-op, Los Angeles
SCENES FROM THE BIG PICTURE Sharon Lawther Furious Theatre, Pasadena
AS IT IS IN HEAVEN Sister Phebe Actors Co-op
FOOL FOR LOVE May Dharma Road, Nashville
JULIUS CAESAR Calpurnia Nashville Shakespeare Fest
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Jean Louise ACT 1, Nashville

Film/TV Experience

SALVATION Nan Boyd Jeffrey Reiner
PROMISES Elaine Melody Brooke
Awakened Heart Productions
CRITICIZED Elise Landry Carl T. Evans
Andromeda Studios
ROGUE British Tour Guide Brett Ratner
Twentieth-Century Fox
BROTHERS AND SISTERS Dance Instructor Michael Morris
ABC Studios
THE FORGOTTEN Karen James Jeffrey Hunt
ABC Studios
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Elegant Woman David Grossman
ABC Studios
WEEDS Older Exerciser Bryan Gordon
Lions Gate Television
MONK Court Clerk Andrei Belgrader
USA Network
IMPORTANCE OF BLIND DATING Lily Torres James Buglewicz
Dharma Road Productions
THE GUARDIAN Agnes Gray Steve Gomer
CBS Television
NYPD BLUE Cindy Mark Tinker
ABC Studios
DADDY & THEM Lawyer Billy Bob Thornton
MY DOG SKIP Mrs. Jenkins Jay Russell
Warner Bros.


Standard British, Irish, New England, Southern, Texas Dialects; Mezzo-Soprano; Western horsemanship, Swimming, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga Narration, Emcee, Classroom instructor;


Cameron Watson, Scene Study; Jo Edna Boldin, Audition Intensive; Jill Massie, Dialects; Alfred Molina, Shakespeare; James Buglewicz, Improvisation; Keri Tombazian, Voice-over


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