Kim Dawson Agency Talent

LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne Locken

Commercial Video

Commercial Experience

Richards Group Sugar Films Chris Smith
Pet Ecology Black Olive Media Jason VanSickel
Mary Kay Stone Core Films Norry Nivens
The Guide Agency Cavu Productions Jon Smith
Rich Productions Crest Cadillac Group Tracy Rich
Dan Walters & Co. Rountree Group Dan Walters
Mappins Forever H D Republic Jason Cohen
Circle R Group Circle R Productions Steve Dunning
McGill & Associates iBlink Film and Visual Media Robert Wise
Square One Gas-Food & Lodging Brian Ades
Ackerman McQueen Concrete Productions John Adams
Square One Morrison Productions Ken Morrison
Alcone Marketing Visual Communications Steve George
WB Donor Red Back Films LA John Adams
Publicis Bloom Tom Ryan & Company Tom Ryan
GSD&M Montoya Films, Concrete Productions Jim & Venza Tozzi, Richard Reem
Lee Tillford Agency Tillford Productions Tony Tillford
Rives Carlberg Baraban Productions Joe Baraban
Product conflicts available upon request

Industrial Experience

Rhapsody (monthly) Co-Host MoonMan Productions
American Heart Assoc. Co-Host Circle R Media
JCPenney Customer JCP Productions
US Bio Services CSI Quiller & Blake Advertising
Beauti Control Model BC Productions
Nation Point Host MCD Studios
Radio Shack Jim Q Circle R Media
Victory Project Searcher Bottom Line Productions
Guthy-Renker Host Lieberman Productions
United Airlines Host Connections Show
I2 Technologies Special Agent in Charge Bruce Johnson, Producer
Mary Kay Cosmetics The Look Recruit Fred Bartzen, Director
Auto Link Pregnant Wife Stone Core Films
Mary Kay Cosmetics Colors Model Mary Kay Productions
Versa Strip Co-Host Scott Harban, Director
Complete List Available

Film/TV Experience

Rain Meghan Randolph Merv Griffin Entertainment
PTN News Host Jason VanSickel
Natural Wonders Host Kurt Ugland
Green Homes Host Trailblazer Productions
ProActive Host Lenny Liebermann
Partners Accountant Tommy Habeeb
Pantry Raid Host 12 Forward Productions
Haunted Investigations Host Kurt Kurkendah
Walker, Texas Ranger Guest Appearance Michael Preece
Son of Thunder Guest Appearance Bill Norton
Lone Star Park Co-Host Closed Circuit
America's Most Wanted Victim Fox Network
The Wish Genie Tony Quinn
Q Ball Productions
Baby Talk Wife Nicole Flores
Beyond 94 Productions
Kung Fu Teenage Bigfoot Lisa Lisason David Austin
Daisy Spike Productions
Little Lizzys Bedtime Lizzys Mom Eric Meisner
One Light Productions
Miss Congeniality Kelly Beth Kelley, Miss Nebraska Donald Petrie
Castle Rock Productions
The Only Thrill Swimmer Peter Masterson
Prestige Productions
Going Overboard Angela Fins Valerie Breiman
Theater Technologies
Partners Accountant Tommy Habeeb
1rst Season
Pantry Raid Host Scott Wilson
12 Forward
Haunted Investigation Host Kurt Kurkendall
K and K Media
Walker, Texas Ranger Guest Appearance Michael Preece
Amadea Productions
Son of Thunder Guest Appearance Bill Norton
Lone Star Park Paddock Co-Host
Pre-Race Show Cable
Americas Most Wanted Lead
Fox Network


TELEPROMPTER and EAR PROMPTER PROFICIENT, Strong Hosting Abilities, Hand and Foot Model, Excellent Hands and Feet, Voice Overs, Improv, Hosting, Pilates, Yoga, Horseback riding, Swimming, Tennis, Pool, Bowling, Rollerblading, Roller skating, Dancing, Skiing, Shopping!!!


On Going Privates - Toni Cobb-Brock, Actors Retreat (Taos) - Jo Edna Boldin, Improv (Level III) - Randy Bennett, Commericals & MOS - Jeanne Everton, Sitcom Weekend - John Levy (Warner Bros), Film Acting - Barbara Brinkley, Weekend Intensive - Cliff Osmond, Actors Retreat - Kevin Howard & Toni Brock, Sicom Weekend - Cathy Reinking, Scene Study - Nancy Chartier, Soap Weekend - Judy Blye-Wilson, Eli Tray (ABC), Voice over I & II - Bob Michaels


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