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Mykle McCoslin

Mykle McCoslin

Union Membership


Commercial Video

Industrial Video

Commercial Experience

Mcgarrybowen Martin Werner
Moroch Fueld Films Ramesh Iyer
The Richards Group Sugar Film Production Chris Smith
United Health Care A Eicoff & Co. Janusz Kaminski
The Richards Group Sugar Film Production Brian Bain

Industrial Experience

Hewlett Packard Office Worker
Childbuilders Mom

Theatre Experience

The Columnist Susan Mary Alsop Theatre Southwest
Diary of a Catholic School Dropout School Girl #6 Avery Schreiber Theatre
Two Gentlemen of Verona Sylvia Bing Theatre
Time of My Life Maureen Skyline Theatre, TX
Guys & Dolls Hot Box Girl Bing Theatre
Mak Beth Dark Power Bing Theatre

Film/TV Experience

Divorce Texas Style Piper
Rusty Yankie Productions
Criminal Minds Co-Starring Touchstone Television
Port Charles Co-Starring ABC Television
Star Trek Nemesis Supporting
Paramount Pictures
ED Lead
Justin Chinn Productions
Slack Out! Hit It! Lead
Justin Chinn Productions


FLUENT IN SPANISH. Authentic Texan Accent, Southern, French, British, and Spanish Accents. Dancing Styles: Salsa, Swing, Two Step, Waltz, Tap, Jazz, Yoga, Rollerblading, Hiking, Bicycling, Photography, Audio prompter. Handcraft Greeting Card Artist and Acting Teacher, SAG-AFTRA Houston-Austin Board Member, Co-Chair SAG-AFTRA Houston Conservatory.


Beverly Hills Playhouse - Milton Katselas, Jeffry Tambor, Richard Lawson, Al Mancini; University of Southern California - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre; Nina Foch, Jorge Cachiero - Film Acting; Bob Corff - Voice; Eric Trules - Solo Performance/Improvisation; Meisner Technique - James Wilson, Marilyn McIntyre, Yvonne Suhor; Paul Backer - Shakespeare; Bobbi Chance - Cold Reading; Interact Theatre Company - Interplay – Dir. Sharon Madden;


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