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Ambre Low

Ambre Low

Union Membership


Commercial Video

Commercial Experience

Radio Vision, Inc. Radio Vision, Inc. Joe Pollaro
Nathan Lawrence Group Nathan Lawrence Group Nat Tate
PSA Blowtorch The Nova Project Colin Gill
Current product conflicts available upon request.

Theatre Experience

Cuts: Fabric Winifred The Road Theatre
Dirk Janice, Magna, et. al. The Road Theatre
Smoke and Ice Follies Melanie The Road Theatre
Beyond Therapy Prudence Theatre Three
As Bees In Honey Drown Secretary et. al. Theatre Three
The Miser Elise Theatre Three
Therese Raquin Suzanne Undermain Theatre
The Interview The Attendant Theatre Three
Central Park West Juliet Theatre Three
Blithe Spirit Elvira Circle Theatre
Amphitryon Alcmena Theatre Three
Hay Fever Sorel Theatre Too

Film/TV Experience

Movie Parody Network Core Cast Member Steve McGregor
The World Behind Lead Paul Csige
Extraordinary Lead Paul Csige
Routine Lead Maria Ryan
The End Lead Mike Medina


Dialects: Standard American, Southern, British (Standard and Cockney), French Flute, Singing (mezzo-soprano), Basic French, Jazz, Ballet, Running, Volleyball, Bowling, CPR certified, Great with kids


University of Texas at Arlington: B.A. Theatre and Music; Commercial Technique: Judy Kain, Francene Selkirk, Los Angeles; Sitcom Technique: G. Charles Wright, Mary Lou Belli, Los Angeles; Acting Technique: Suanne Spoke, Los Angeles; Improv: Cynthia Szigeti, The Groundlings, Los Angeles; Voice: Betty Utter, U.T.A.; Ballet: Natasha Middleton, Los Angeles;


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