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Genevieve Gurchak

Genevieve Gurchak

Commercial Experience

Fox Sports commercial Joey Curry The Creative Spin

Industrial Experience

Pepsi PSA Live Action/Census Principal/National Reel FX
US Army Featured/National McCann Erickson
Smart Tips on Fine Living Network Principal/National Holden Productions
Agel Enterprises Principal Video
Accident & Injury Pain Clinic Principal King Hollis
Mary Kay Featured Ditore-May

Film/TV Experience

Dallywood Stacy Jeff Hoferer
Third Party (short) Woman Shane McGoey
Mardi Gras Domonique Phil Dornfield
Beacon Pictures
Disaster Movie Bikini Girl #1 Jason Friedberg
Lions Gate
Suitable For Murder Stiletto Heels John Terry
The Last Tomorrow Sarah Zimmer Drew Rist
Wayfinder Films
Come Away With Me (short) Self Bo Hitchcock
Will Smith’s “Miami” Music Video Dancer Wayne Isham


Meisner and Strasburg Techniques with Sherry Faith; Hartt and Soul (Private Coaching) with Catherine Hartt; React Actors with Nancy Chartier; Director’s POV Workshop with Dan Millican; Adult Workshop with Brock and Allen Casting;


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