Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Barbara Woods

Barbara Woods

Union Membership


Commercial Experience

Bernstein/Rein National Network
DDB Needham National Network
GSD&M National
ADMARC Regional

Industrial Experience

David Orr Productions Principle
Baldacci Productions Spokesperson
American Cancer Society Principle
Media Productions Principle (Live)

Theatre Experience

For Colored Girls……..Enuf Red Jubilee Theatre
Cookin’ At The Cookery Alberta Hunter Jubilee Theatre
Workin’ Cleaning Lady Scott Theatre
Ain’t Misbehavin’ Armelia Sojourner Theatre
Odd Couple (Female Version) Mikki (Cop) Circle Theatre
Tambourines to Glory Church Lady Vivid Theatre
African Fables Storyteller Vivid Theatre

Film/TV Experience

Tennessee Valley Productions Martha Peter Masterson
Amadea Mother Michael Preece
Amadea Minister Michael Preece


Many wigs for characters, sing, herbal gardening, lawn care, cycling, typing, 5 speed auto, canning and southern cooking


Theatre Production, Tarrant County College, Patty McCormick; Musical Theatre, Tarrant County College, Patty McCormick; Film Acting Workshop, Cliff Osmond, Commercial Workshop; Kris Nicolau; Voice, Coleen Molett/Betty Zoller


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