Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Roshawnda Revels-Foster

Roshawnda Revels-Foster

Commercial Experience

Titan Real Estate Service BMP Group, LLC King Hollis
Plains Capital Bank Rethinkallmedia Tracy Helms
R & R Creative Times 3 Productions Rocky Powell
Waylon Advertising Directorz Jeff Bednarz
The Richards Group Directorz Jeff Bednarz
Timerlin McClain Bednarz Film Jeff Bednarz
GSD & M Bednarz Film Jeff Bednarz
DMB &B Cucaloris Films Danny DeCoveny
Gulf Pacific Mortgage Skidmore Advertising Cecil Skidmore
Pinpoint Ideas & Solutions Noonday Pictures M.L. Nelson
Texas Metroplex Daily Advertising M.L. Nelson
Egg Board Star Check/Grey Advertising Inc. Craig McCord
Superlative Communications First Tuesday Pierre Bagley

Industrial Experience

JC Penney
Mary Kay Cosemtics
The Associates




Jeanne Everton Auditioning for TV Commercials 2007; Commercial I - Jeanne Everton; Introduction to TV-KD Studio-Frank Stangel; Voice Technique-KD Studio-Spain Logue


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