Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia Jackson

Commercial Experience

American Airlines
Parkland Memorial Hospital Southwestern Medical
Texaco Jeff Bednars

Theatre Experience

BLUE “Peggy” Jubilee Theatre
Streetcar Named Desire “Blanche” Southside on Lamar
Midnight Echoes Ensemble Greenhill Academy
Dance on Widow’s Row “Annie” Jubilee Theatre
Hershey’s With Almonds “Pam” Dallas Drama Company
East Texas Hot Links “Charlesetta” Michael Minor Entertainment
Blind Lemon Ensemble Akin Babatunde/Alan Governar

Film/TV Experience

Friday Night Lights “Ruth Brown”
Texas Walker Ranger Featured Extra
My New Car Dancer
United Artist
Paramedics Candy Striper
Blood Is Thicker Federal Marshall
Les Branson Productions
N.Y Bicentennial Liberty Weekend Tap Dancer
Meadowland, New Jersey
Barney’s Halloween Party “Queen B”
The Lyons Group
Just Kickin It (music video) Partygoer
Wrap Records (MC Breed)
I Hate to Go to Work (music video) Choreographer
Macola Records (Fila Fresh Crew)
Find An Ugly Woman Actress
Sleeping Bag Records (DJ Cash)


Queen B - Educational Workshop For Children; Dallas Mavericks - Dancer - Reunion Arena (3 Seasons); Dancers Unlimited - Company Member; Dallas Black Dance Theater - Company Member; Harlem Week Festival - Vocalist - Dr. York Prodcutions; Texas Heat - Choreographer - Juanita Craft Awards; Texas Christian University - Bachelor of Fine Arts;


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