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Toby Metcalf

Toby Metcalf

Film/TV Experience

Serving Sara Supporting Reginald Denny
Warner Bros.
A Slipping Down Life Supporting Toni Kalem
Charter Films
Eye of God Supporting Tim Nelson
Minnow Pictures
Painted Hero Supporting Terry Benedict
Cabin Fever
Pure Country Supporting Chris Cain
Warner Bros.
Space Marines John Landers
Dead Man's Walk Yves Samoneau
ABC-RHI Entertainment
For the Love of Zachary Peter Werner
Walker, Texas Ranger Tony Mordenta
Amadea Productions
A Face to Kill For Bob Roe
USA Network
Walker, Texas Ranger Michael Preece
Amadea Productions
Rough Riders John Milius
Arrest and Trial Ed Wylie
USA Network
Makeover Michael Uno
USA Network
Kings of the Evening Supporting Andrew Jones
Palace Place Films
Friday Night Lights Recurring (4 episodes) Jeffrey Reiner
Prison Break Supporting Nelson McCormick


Rodeo (bull riding, roping), Hunting (bow), Water Skiing, Country Dancing, Horseback Riding, Volleyball, Driving Heavy Equipment, Racquetball, Shooting of Firearms


KD Studio - American Conservatory of the Southwest


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