Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Jason Renfro

Jason Renfro

Commercial Experience

Bernstein Rien (National) Stone Core Films Norry Niven
The PM Group (National) Geo Media Zach Nasits
Concussion (National) Jim Zoolalian Boxer Films
Saatchi (National) Ben Giddings Prod. Ben Giddings
Loomis (Regional) Filmyard John Bonito
The Via Agency (Regional) Assembly Chris Bean
Hill Holiday (Regional) Heavy Up Dane Gorman
The Richards Group J.R. Dixon
AARS & Wells ADV Mark Bumgarner PHOTO. Alex Wells

Industrial Experience

Ensco AMS Prod.


Football, Track, Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Jet Ski, Billiards, Bowling, Racquetball, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball


Intro to T.V. with Amy Vanderoff - KD Studio Actors Conservatory; Intro to Acting with Gale Cronauer-Stage Actors Conservatory; Improve with Wendy Pennington; Voice over I with Bob Michaels- Stage Actors Conservatory;


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