Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Timothy Walter

Timothy Walter

Industrial Experience

Unistar Auto Insurance Operator Loomis Productions
Office Training Principal Primedia
Brinks George Pinewood Productions
Justin Boots Workman (OC) Balcom Agency
Slogan Ad Featured Invision Productions
Six Flags Flagman Stone Core Films
Nortel Networks Businessman Chris Kraft Prod.
Ruffles Baseball Player Pinpoint Ideas & Solutions, Inc.
Lowe's Policeman W.B. Doner & CO.
Texas Lottery Number 4 Norton Pictures

Theatre Experience

The Wounded Dre Blacken Blues Prod.
She's Not Our Sister D'Andre/Elliot Ross Soul Conscious Prod.
I Can't Stand The Pain Shawn/Sugar Ray/Rev. Thomas Jark 1 Entertainment
I Beat The Odds Medger Jark 1 Entertainment
Where Was God Xavier Angel Faces Prod.
Daddy's Girl Bobby Blacken Blues Prod.
A Corporate Plantation Ray Blacken Blues Prod.
A Fools Redemption Wade Blacken Blues Prod.
Do You Believe In Love Chris Amaysn Grace Works
On the Edge Quinton Sounds from WIthin Production

Film/TV Experience

Final Call Starring
Sweet Chariot Productions
Cut! Print! Featured
Clark Lindsley Films
Any Given Sunday Football Player
Grid Iron Prod.
Dallas(Reunion) Featured
CBS Television
Bounce Featured
Fo Life Records
Friday Night LIghts Featured
Universal Studios
Solitaire Featured
Sweet Chariot Productions
The Wash Featured
Black Ink Productions


Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track, Pool, Bowling, Skating (Roller), Singing, Dancing, Softball, Swim, Volleyball, Fishing.


KD Studio: Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Acting Performance. Christian Kaplan: Director of Feature Casting for 20th Century Fox workshop. Ty Harmen & Bob Harden Seminar. Workshop- Kevin K. Scott, WBTV, LA Casting Director. SAG Elgible


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