Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Theatrical Video

Commercial Experience

Freihofer Casting Kent Hammond
Current product conflicts available upon request.

Industrial Experience

Walmart Extra

Film/TV Experience

Light from the Darkroom Extra Lance McDaniel


Sports CYCLING, GENERAL (Beginner) General BADMINTON (Beginner), BASEBALL (Beginner), BASKETBALL (Beginner), BOATING (Beginner), BOWLING (Beginner), BOXING (Beginner), DIVING (Beginner), FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Beginner), GOLF (Beginner), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), PING PONG (Beginner), POGO STICK (Beginner), ROLLERBLADE (Beginner), TENNIS (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Beginner), WEIGHT LIFTER (Beginner) Swimming DIVING (Beginner), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate) Track & Field TRACK, GENERAL (Beginner); Fighting and Weapons: General Weapons AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Beginner), HANDGUN (Beginner), RIFLE (Beginner) Martial Arts TAE KWON DO (Intermediate); Languages and Accents/Dialects:Accents/Dialects AUSTRALIAN (Beginner), BRITISH (Beginner), CHINESE (Beginner), RUSSIAN (Beginner) KOREAN (Beginner); Driving Skills 4WD (Beginner), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Beginner), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Intermediate), STICK SHIFT (Intermediate) Licenses CLASS D (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Advanced) MiscellaneousASTROLOGER (Beginner), IMPRESSIONIST (Beginner), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Beginner), VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), WHISTLER (Beginner); Performance: Improvisation & Comedic Performance IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate) Instruments GUITAR (Intermediate), PIANO (Intermediate);


Acting for the Camera with Darryl Cox, Voice Over Technique with Jeff Nokes, Level 1 Improv with Rebecca McCulley all classes taken at The Actor Factory in Norman, Oklahoma


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