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John Baran

John Baran

Commercial Video

Commercial Experience

Moritz Kia Blevens Production Co. Reba Blevens
Current product conflicts available upon request.

Industrial Experience

Union Bank Operations Mng

Theatre Experience

Arsenic and Old Lace Lt. Rooney 360 Players

Film/TV Experience

The Expendables Red Beret Soldier (unaccredited) Sylvester Stallone
Rogue Marble Productions, Inc
Jebadiah’s Axe Sheriff Norris Principal Jim Devault
Stone Bell Creations
“WISP” TV Series John Kelly, Co-Star Paul Gorman
GMD Films & Television
The Last Flight Lead Role Captain Tom Sellers Wes Sutton
Yazby Films
The Deep End (ABC) Featured “Bar Tender & Waiter” Michael Fresco
20th Century Fox Television
Chase Featured “US Marshal” David Nutter
Bonanza Productions Inc.
Conviction Sam Slate, lead Kin Kwan
UNT Student Film


Experienced Horseman, Carpenter, Custom Office Furniture fabricator, Sewing, Fitness Trainer, Boxing, MMA, Movtivational Speaker, Project Management, Business Owner (27 years), Father, Husband, lifeguard, power lifting, body building novice, dog trainer, horse breaker, Team Penning, Very Good Listener, Problem Solver, Welder, Computer Tech (software and Hardware), Baseball Coach, Analitical Detective (Per IQ test of 134)


Lee's Taekwondo, Bedford, Texas, taekwondo; Monster Camp, Southlake Texas, Krav Maga (Blue Belt), Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu; Dallas Image Talent Management, Dallas Texas, Actors Scene Study for TV/Film •auditioning techniques for TV/film that will help you land the audition and get yourself an acting job •how to cold read so that you can pick up a script and make it your own. •character building and how to find your motivation •improv techniques ; Barbara Brinkley The Audition Process: "Transfering the written word to the spoken; Theresa Bell (Acting Coach): Every Tuesday since 1-4-2011. Run scenes with partners, improv, and monologues.; UILL High School Acting Competition, Best Actor of the District 1982 lead role of Toby.


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