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Justin McCutchen

Justin McCutchen

Commercial Video

Commercial Experience

Sugar Films Latin Works Jonathan Gurvit
Nolf Films Bongaj Productions Ethan De Nolf

Theatre Experience

When December’s Gone Clearance Fontain Dallas, Texas
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Jerry Brainerd Arlington, Texas

Film/TV Experience

99T Starring Trevor Mery
Into The Wind Starring Tim Collins
Lone Star Featured Marc Webb
A Mind of Its Own Featured Jason Kabolati


Various character accents/voices, horseback riding, shooting guns, hiking, football, basketball, swimming, surfing, snowboarding, dancing, whistling, 3 years military (combat arms), martial arts, fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.


(BA) Anthropology/Theater - University of Texas at Arlington; Film Acting - TBell Actor’s Studio - Theresa Bell; Method Acting - React Dallas - Michele Condrey; Intro to Commercials - KD Studio - Lanell Pena-Hadley; Scene Study - KD Studio - John S. Davies; Film/Audition Techniques - KD Studio - John S. Davies; Intro to Acting - KD Studio - Leslie Keeler;


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