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Spencer Harlan

Spencer Harlan

Commercial Video

Film/TV Experience

Drive-Massacre David Brandon Sites
Dead Man's Bluff Chase Brandon Sites
Lunch Break Chad Bart Van Bemmel
Work Related Terrance Adam Connie
Damaged Ryan Sean Oakland
Seasons of Gray Logan Gray Paul Stehlik, Jr.
Throwing Stones (Season 1 & 2) Asher Bart Van Bemmel
Day Zero David Greg Guillote
Burning Man (In Production) Mike Nathan Harris
Vampire X David David Glenney
Dallywood Spencer Jeff Hoferer
The Picture Show Husband Katie Dunn
Art’s Destiny Brandon Lola Vinson
Din Mark Chris Durham
Wine Date Sauvignon Blanc Lola Vinson
Trapped James Valentin Soto Jr.
Hedonism Dean Ryan Kline
Me and Others Like Me Tristan Isaac Villafana
Someone to Walk With Coy Dustin Smith
(Demo Reel Available Upon Request)


Expert soccer player, stand-up comedy


Theresa Bell-Scene Study - T Bell Actor’s Studio - Sept. 2009-Present; Anthony Meindl - Weekend Workshop - Feb. 2012; Atomic Casting - Commercial Workshop - June 2011; Del Shores-Scene Study - Dallas Workshop - March 2010; Del Shores-Cold Reading - Dallas Workshop - October 2009; Toni Cobb Brock - Audition Techniques - May 2010-Present; Stand-Up Comedy Workshop - Dean Lewis - March-June 2010; Stand-Up Comedy Level 2 Course - Dean Lewis - Nov. 2011-March 2012; Acting 1-Beginner Course - Texas Actor’s Studio - Jan-May 2008; Acting 2-Intermediate Course - Texas Actor’s Studio - June-October 2008; Acting 3-Advanced Course - Texas Actor’s Studio - Nov.-March 2009; Master’s Level-Working Actor Course - Texas Actor’s Studio - April-August 2009;


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