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Benjamin Dane

Benjamin Dane

Commercial Experience

Current Product Conflicts Available Upon Request.

Industrial Experience

List Available Upon Request.

Theatre Experience

The Town Clown (2010) Norman SAG Script to Screen
Lucas and Lazaria (2009) Lucas SAG Script to Screen
Cleo (2008) Richard Burton Lawrence Wright/Marco Perella
Snow White Prince Charming Dallas Children’s Theater
The Promise Gabriel Kingdom Park, Glenrose
Bobby Sox - A 50’s Musical Vince Cornerstone Theatre, Dallas
Late One Night Uncle Max Cornerstone Theatre
The Greatest Gift Dr. Carter COTR- North
Angels in the Snow Lawrence COTR- North
Peanut Butter and Tofu on Jewish Rye The Bum Desert Bloom Theatre/The Plaza
Eight Days That Changed The World Christ - Three Years Lakeland Church

Film/TV Experience

I Am Gabriel (2012) Frank Pierce Mike Norris
Beyond The Farthest Star (2012) Jimmy Wilkens Andrew Librizzi
The Tree of Life (2011) Symphony Patron Terrence Malick
The Significant Other (2011) Jack Shalene Portman
Lone Star (2011) Bartender Scott Winant (FOX)
“Friday Night Lights” The Son (2010) Emcee Allison Liddi-Brown (NBC)
Still Born (2009) Benjamin Winston Andrew Librizzi
“The Dark Prince” Miniseries (2009) Dark Prince Ken Berg - Dir. (ABC FAMILY)
Junction, Texas (2009) Clay Wolfe Sean Okland
“Big Shot Live” (2008) Self Madison Road/CBS Television
Breaking News (2008) Tyler Foster David Timmes
Soul Flyers (2008) Lance Hendricks Bryon Evans
Parallel (2008) Ben Fulton Steve Lawrence
Art of the Fart (2006) Patrick Michele Condrey
Echoes of Innocence (2005) Connelly N. Todd Simms
Sweet Hideaway (2005) Scotti White Patrick McKnight
Screen Door Jesus (2005) Jesus Kirk Davis
Tin Can Shinny (2004) Hank Wayde Gardner & Carl Braun
Sunrise Sunset (2003) Angel Andre Nieves
Stationery Games Reginald Mayler Stephen Perkins
Halftime - The Redemption Hack Andrew Librizzi
Am I Cursed? Tyler Steven Hamilton
“Spiritual Heritage” Ethan Allen John Previto (Discovery Chan.)
“Amazing Love Stories” Adam Ken Berg (ABC FAMILY)
Is This The End Or Just The Beginning” Dad Ken Berg (ABC FAMILY)
“Couple Wars” Mike Dwayne Gates - Dir. (TBN)


Teleprompter Proficient, Award-Winning Artist/Painter & Illustrator, Advertising Design/Art Director, Health & Fitness, Horseback, Rock Climbing, Phlebotomist (blood collector), Compassion International Sponsor, Mission Trips to Central America, Interested in just about EVERYTHING... except accounting. (November 2011)


Scene Study and Coaching by Cameron Thor (L.A.), John Kirby (L.A.), Michele Condrey- Advanced, Cliff Osmond and Various Other Workshops.


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