Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Mack White

Mack White

Commercial Experience

Uproar!Super-soaker Norry Niven
Uproar!/Hasbro Rocky Powell
Cliff Bible Church Korey Miller
Charlie Uniform Tango/Samsung Jessica Cramer
Stone Core Films/Gatorade Norry Niven

Theatre Experience

Highschool Drama Ken/Lead Irving Center for the Performing Arts
Unseen Teens Nameless/Supporting Dallas, TX

Film/TV Experience

The Winning Tale Dom/Lead Pascall


Boxing, Football, Basketball, Guns, Improv, Professional Speaking, JuJitsu, Swimming, Pool


Premier Masters - Cathryn Sullivan - Dallas, TX; High School Masters - Cathryn Sullivan - Dallas, TX; New Masters I & II - Cathryn Sullivan - Dallas, TX; Film 1-6 - Cathryn Sullivan - Dallas, TX;


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