Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes

Commercial Experience

Uproar! Stone Core Norry Niven
Uproar! Stone Core Norry Niven
Uproar! Stone Core Norry Niven
Uproar! Stone Core Norry Niven
Martino Flynn MPS Productions
Life At Full Speed Thyssenkrupp

Theatre Experience

Unseen Teens Male #1/Principal Teco Productions
Hell House Satan/ child in heaven Trinity Baptist Theate
Stage Play Principal Irving Arts Academy
X-files Tom/Principal Townlake Christian Theater
You Need to Know The Gift of Christmas Disciple/Principal Ben Washington Theater
The Bus Stop Mr. Big/Principal Ben Washington Theater
Standing Strong Principal Ben Washington Theater
The Stranger In Town Peter/Principal Ben Washington Theater
King Emannuel Joseph/Principal Ben Washington Theater
Hell House Victim Tinity Theatre
Please Obey The Ushers Rev Hayes/Principal Ben Washingto
Phantom of the Opera Principal Arlington Theatrical/TC
The King’s Drum Musical Kwesi/Principal Dallas Culture

Film/TV Experience

Family Feud Contestant/Principal
Prison Break Supporting
20th Century FOX
A Call To Protect Principal
Praesidium Inc
A Time to Tell Principal
Boys Scouts of America
The Dead Don't Scream Victim
Three Hot Peppers Production
Will w/Vanessa Hudgens Supporting
20th Century FOX
A Tribute to Big Red Supporting
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