Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Jimmy Hartsell

Jimmy Hartsell

Union Membership


Commercial Experience

The M Company TYO Productions Naoki Imamora
Talent Partners Avalon Jeff Byrd
Marac West & Baker Olympic Calvin Bowden
A.B.C. Poay Production Gavin Mackillop
The M Company TYO Productions Ketta Yamamura
Jim Production Three Sisters Rob Jacobs
Jack Rabbit Mr. Pink Production Ray Permin

Industrial Experience

Jeff Ycott Plummer Gold Mine Productions

Theatre Experience

Habitation of Dragons Texas Sheriff Zerpyr Theatre
The Time of your Life Kit Carson Centerstage

Film/TV Experience

Arrest & Trial (3) Featured Farmer Robert D. Port
Mom's Out of Sight Farmer Driving Truck Fred Olenray
Dill Scallion The Boyfriend Jordan Brady
Leisure Class Cowboy Bob Gabriel Bologna
Covenant House Bum P.S.A.
Shelter from the Storm Rancher Movi Corp.
Secret Fears/ J McDougal Rich Texan Michael Silverman
Lincoln, Untold Stories Abe's Cousin Jim Lindsey
Seven Janitor David Fincher


Dialects: Southern. Western Horseback riding, Guitar, Pilot, Firearms, Farm Equipment, Construction.


Scene Study/Audition/Private Coach - Julian Neal; Commercial Workshop - Megan Foley; Commercial Workshop - Stewart Stone; Camera Technique - Jeff Rubens; Film Acting - Jeff Sable


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