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Will Koberg

Will Koberg

Commercial Video

Theatre Experience

Ebenezer Get's Scrooged Ebenezer's Dad Mass Hysteria Productions

Film/TV Experience

The Last Ride (2010) Supporting - Leroy Harry Thomason
Jonah Hex (2010) Supporting - Burnt Soldier Jimmy Hayward
Warner Bros.
Step Away from the Stone (2010) Starring - Nick Bill Burton
Rock Productions
Homing (2009 Short) Starring - Agent Horne Scott Edge
Skygate Studios
America's Most Wanted (2009) Supporting - Dan Gavin Portnoy
The County Line (2009 Short) Supporting - Donny Cullen Metcalf-Kelly
Last Pictures
Whisper (2008 Short) Starring - Mr. Fredrick Scott Edge
Skygate Studios
Party Crasher TV (2007 Pilot) Host - Will John McCalmont
Rowdy Film and Entertainment
Invincible (2006) Dallas Cowboy Ericson Core


All Sports: Football (walk-on collge), Basketball (Intramural All-Star College), Wake Boarding, SCUBA Diving, Weight Training, Running, Beer Leauge Softball, Golf, Baseball, Frisbee, Flag Football, Jet Skiing, Fishing, Ski Boating, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Fire Arms, Bowling, Work Well With Kids, Team Player, Country Two-Step. Hard worker and served as President of Ole Miss Ulumni Association. Dialects: Urban, Deep South, Feminan, Rural, Bubba, English, Some Spanish, Many Others Upon Request. Experienced MC/Host.


Film Acting (on going) - R.E.A.C.T. - Michelle Condrey; Television and Improv (on going) - Dallas - John McCalmont; Acting is Storytelling - Dallas - Ken Farmer; Host Boot Camp-KD Studios-Marki Costello; Auditioning for commercials S.T.A.G.E.-Jeanne Everton


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