Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Terry Yates

Terry Yates

Theatre Experience

Up the Down Staircase Dr. Maxwell Clark Bill Easter, Dir.
Phantom of the Opera The Stagehand Pam Fleming, Dir.
Comedy Clubs
Improv Featured Act Santa Monica, CA
Dallas, TX
Punchline Featured Act Atlanta, GA
Columbia, SC
Houston, TX
Comedy Zone Feature Act Charlotte, NC
Orlando, FL

Film/TV Experience

Murray & Main MC Ted David Ahearne
Finsky Terry Troy Grant
Brandishes & Fires Carl R. Gonzales
Hit Mike Troy Grant
America's Funniest People
Standup Standup
Comedy Central


Stand-up Comedy; Improv; Impressions; Singing; Guitar; Dialects: Southern, New York, New England, British, Irish, German, Scottish, Jewish


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