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Katherine Clardy

Katherine Clardy

Commercial Experience

PSA ‘Six Feet Under’ Shalean Easter

Film/TV Experience

Occupy Texas Extra-Schoolgirl Jeff Barry


Memorizes Lines Quickly, Learns Dialects Quickly, Great Comedic Timing, Improvisation Skills, Very Professional, Enrolled in Online School, Passport Pending, Dialects: British, Scottish, Southern, Has TX/CA Work Permits, Swimming, Boogie Boarding, Snorkeling, Soccer, Story and Screenplay Writing, Filmmaker, Bicycling, Ice Skate, Roller Skate, Dance, Modeling, Assoc. Editor School Newspaper, Gifted and Talented Classes, Straight-A Student, Founded “Kandy for Kidneys” (Charity to Provide Treats to Dialysis Patients), Library Volunteer, Church Nursery Volunteer


Film - Masters (Ongoing) - Cathryn Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film; Dreamworks Seminar - Christi Soper & Ania O’Hare - 2014, 2015; Director’s Class - Shawn P. Cunningham - 2015; Howard Meltzer Seminar - Howard Meltzer - 2012, 2014, 2015; Mitchell Gossett Seminar - Mitchell Gossett - 2013, 2014; Melissa Berger VO Seminar - Melissa Berger - 2013, 2014; Innovative Artists Improv Seminar - Jennifer Patredis - 2013; MTV Talent and Casting Seminar - Blythe Nailling - 2014; Robert Haas Seminar - Robert Haas - 2013; Donna Morong Seminar - Donna Morong - 2013; Voiceover - Joey Paul Jensen - Los Angeles, CA; Master Intensive - Drama/Comedy - Cathryn Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film; Master Improv & Scene Study - Cody Linley - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film; Commercials 101-105 - Vicki Baumann - Los Angeles, CA; Acting Thru the Ages - Vicki Baumann - Los Angeles, CA; Commercials - Chris Seay - Dallas, TX;


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