Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Liv Haynes

Liv Haynes

Theatre Experience

Spy Kids Moriarty McKinney Youth Theater

Film/TV Experience

Hidden in the Heart of Texas Tyler Robert Dahlem
Post Hollywood


Singing, Soprano, Horseback Riding, Swimming Hip Hop (Beginner), Created cooking show with Littlest Pet Shop characters – (over 294,000 views), Makes Balloon Animals, Sign Language (alphabet and some words), Can Hula Hoop (neck & waist), Ride a Bike, Loves Animals and Elderly


AC1-4, Film - Masters (Ongoing) - Cathryn Sullivan; Innovative Artist Improv - Jennifer Patredis; Innovative Artist Seminar - Robert Haas; Mitchell Gossett Seminar - Mitchell Gossett; Melissa Berger VO Seminar - Melissa Berger; Commercial Workshop - Chris Ann Seay; Donna Morong Seminar - Donna Morong; Cody Linley Improv 2013, 2014 - Cody Linley; Howard Meltzer Seminar 2013, 2014 - Howard Meltzer, CSA; All About Disney Class - Cathryn Sullivan; Commercials 101 & 102 - Vicki Baumann; Look to Book - Vicki Baumann; Cody Linley Intro AC Improv - Cody Linley; Dreamworks Seminar 2013, 2014 - Christi Soper, VP Casting; Member of J Masters/Vocal Lessons - Septien Entertainment; Hip Hop Lessons - Tre Preston, Kidz Bop;


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