Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Gigi Haynes

Gigi Haynes

Industrial Experience

Sound Learning Featured Student Barry Lane

Theatre Experience

Spy Kids Kelly McKinney Youth Theater

Film/TV Experience

Hidden in the Heart of Texas Tanner Robert Dahlem
Sound Learning Featured Student Barry Lane


Singing, Soprano, Horseback Riding, Hip Hop (Beginner), YouTube Channel (over 298,000 views), Very animated and charismatic, Can Hula Hoop, Loves Animals & Elderly


Actin for Camera 1-6, Film 2-6 - Cathryn Sullivan; Innovative Artist Improv - Jennifer Patredis; Innovative Artist Seminar - Robert Haas; Mitchell Gossett Seminar - Mitchell Gossett; Melissa Berger VO Seminar - Melissa Berger; Commercial Workshop - Chris Ann Seay; Donna Morong Seminar - Donna Morong; Cody Linley Advanced AC Improv - Cody Linley; Howard Meltzer Seminar 2013 & 2014 - Howard Meltzer, CSA; All About Disney Class 2013 & 2014 - Cathryn Sullivan; Commercials 101 & 102 - Vicki Baumann; Look to Book - Vicki Baumann; Cody Linley Improv - Cody Linley; Dreamworks Seminar 2013 & 2014 - Christi Soper, VP Casting; Member of J Masters/Vocal Lessons - Septien Entertainment; Hip Hop Lessons - Tre Preston, Kidz Bop;


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