Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Commercial Experience

Tracey Locke Partnership Nory Nivens
Tracey Locke Partnership Nory Nivens

Industrial Experience

Americredit 10 Year Anniversary Lead

Theatre Experience

That Not So Silent Night Scribe Fellowship Church Production
The Grouch That Found Christmas Amanda Fellowship Church Production

Film/TV Experience

Barney & Friends Angela
Hit Entertainment
Talent in the Hood Singer/Dancer


Singing-7 yrs Acting-5 yrs. Guitar- 1 yr Songwriting-1 yr Dance-6 yrs. Piano-2 yrs


Cathryn Sullivan-Private Tutoring-2001- Present Mitchell Gossett-Acting Seminar-11-03. Joel Paul-Voiceover and Sitcom Cold Reading-10-02. Toni Cobb-Film Seminar-6-02 KD Studios-Intro to TV Commercials-6-98. Linda Septien-Private Vocal Instruction-2002-Present. Hip Hop Dance Instruction - Fenton Fulgham- 2002-Present. Guitar/Piano/Songwriting-Eric Nicholson-03-Present.


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