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Kennedy Hermansen

Kennedy Hermansen

Commercial Experience

Conflicts Available Upon Request

Theatre Experience

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Lucy (lead) HPMS/Dallas, TX
Wizard of Oz Dorothy (lead) KD Studio/Dallas, TX
Guys and Dolls Hot Box Girl (feature) KD Studio/Dallas, TX
Annie Lily St. Regis (feature) KD Studio/Dallas, TX
Godspell Company (feature vocal) KD Studio/Dallas, TX
Alice in Wonderland Tweedle Dee (feature) KD Studio/Dallas, TX
Cinderella Jaq the Mouse (feature) KD Studio/Dallas, TX

Film/TV Experience

Cooper & The Castle Hills Gang Lead - Cole
Ditore Mayo Entertainment


Mezzo-Soprano, Dance, Advanced Reading, Comedic, Writing, Acting, Surfing, Swimming, Basketball, Improvisation Skills, Crying on cue, Memorizes Quickly, Accents-Australian, British & French


Masters Level (ongoing) - Cathryn Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan; Howard Meltzer Seminar 2011 & 2012 - Howard Meltzer - Cathryn Sullivan; Acting for Film 1-6 - Ben Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan; Commercial 101-103 - Vicki Bauman - Cathryn Sullivan; Acting for Camera 1-6 - Cathryn Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan; Improv Intensive - Cathryn Hartt - Hartt & Soul; Kids on Camera - Cathryn Hartt - Hartt & Soul; Dallas Summer Film Camp 2010 - Toni Cobb Brock - Brock/Cobb Casting; Film and TV Technique - Nancy Chartier - Nancy Chartier Acting; Actors Workshop - John D’Aquino - Hockaday Academy; Vocal Lessons (ongoing) - Lynn Ambrose - Dallas, TX; Vocal Lessons - Septien Entertainment - Dallas, TX; Vocal Lessons (ongoing) - School of Rock - Dallas, TX; Advanced Band (lead vocal) - School of Rock - Dallas, TX; Playbill & Spotlight (Drama Dept.) - Susan McCormick - HPMIS Dallas, TX; Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop (ongoing) - Power House of Dance, Etgen-Atkinson Ballet School; Preston Center Dance - Dallas, TX;


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