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Emma Fuhrmann

Emma Fuhrmann

Union Membership


Commercial Experience

Conflicts Available
The Richards Group CUTango
Mason & Moon/Subway AMS Production Group Brad Osborne
Dallas Morning News Directorz Jeff Bednarz

Theatre Experience

Children's Advocacy Gala Impact Actor Mercury Werks/John Mathis
Music Man Jr. Farmer's Wife, Girls, Townsperson KD Conservatory Theater
Littlest Angel Little Star Studio B

Film/TV Experience

Lost in the Sun Rose Trey Nelson
Floren Shieh Productions
Blended Espn Friedman Frank Coraci
Warmer Brothers
The Magic of Belle Isle Finnegan O'Neil Rob Reiner
Castle Rock Entertainment
Prime Suspect 1.8 Underwater Amanda Patterson-Guest Star Stephen Williams
NBC Universal
Fandango Sisters Young Tiffany Jose Sauceda
Butterpunk Films
Chase Sissy Peele- Guest Star David Nutter
Bruckheimer Productions
The Good Guys Junior Officer Jeremiah Checkik
Gideon's Gift Gideon-Title Role Bill McAdams Jr.
Raspberry Jame (short) Payton McMurphy/Lead B. McAdams
Aledo Film Group
Are We Listening (short) Ashley/Lead A. Sensenig
K.O. Productions
Fandango Sisters Lil' Tiffany J. Sauceda
Butterpunk Films


Collin County Children's Advocacy Center (2010)


Committed, Piano (7 yrs), Guitar, advanced snow skiing and competitive swimming, very athletic & adventurous: Member of the YMCA Adventure Guides. **Current CA and TX work permit, Coogan account, & Passport**


Cathryn Sullivan KidPro (ongoing); Amber Horn Classes (ongoing); Tony Gonzalez- Voice Over; Septien Entertainment Private Voice Lessons; Numerous Industry Professional Workshops;

Vocal Qualities

Soprano Age range of voice 12-14


British Southern


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