Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Amira Elliby

Amira Elliby

Industrial Experience

Chuck E. Cheese's Principal Sugar Film Production
The Home Depot Principal Backyard Productions
Blockbuster Video Principal Stone Core Films

Film/TV Experience

The Millers 90’s Kid
Two and a Half Men 6yr old Girl/Guest Star
Chase Little Girl/Co-Star
Changing (Indie) Sheela Kyle/Lead L. Bell
SOF Films
Bob the Builder Featured
HIT Entertainment


Reads well above grade level (home schooled), memorizes quickly, excellent improv ability, engaging conversations, basic Spanish & French (numbers, colors, greetings, and phrases), runway experience, soccer, basketball, and piano.


On Camera - John D’Aquino - Sidewalk Studio Theatre - CA; Film 2 - Cathryn Sullivan - Acting 4 Film Studios - TX; Acting 4 Camera (1-9) - Cathryn Sullivan - Acting 4 Film Studios - TX; Scene Work & Audition Tech - Amber Horn - AHCC - TX; Cold Reading - Amber Horn - AHCC – TX; Commercial Audition Workshop - Toni Cobb Brock - Brock/Allen Studios – TX; (various casting director workshops including Disney Seminar);


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