Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Jude Manley

Jude Manley

Commercial Experience

WFAA Spoof, Short film Media World Principal, as Pete Delkus
Michaels’ Crafts, VO Post Asylum Principal, boy
Hasbro Transformers, Commercial Reel FX Principal, Bumblebee boy
Academy Sports, Commercial Locke Bryan Principal, Bike boy
Blair E. Batson, Commercial Featured, Karate kid
Quest Medical, Commercial The Focus Group Principal, “Dennis, Menace”

Industrial Experience

WFAA Spoof, Short film Principal, as Pete Delkus Media World
Michaels’ Crafts VO, son Post Asylum
Hasbro Transformers Principal, Bumblebee boy Reel FX
Academy Sports Principal, Bike boy Locke Bryan
Batson Children’s, 2011 Ad Campaign Featured, Karate Kid
Quest Medical Principal, “Dennis, Menace” The Focus Group

Theatre Experience

3rd grade play Speaker School
365 Days of Christmas Speaker School
Christmas Play Joseph, solo School

Film/TV Experience

Wonderama Pilot Requested participant David Osmond


Intermediate guitar, vocals (experience with large crowds), golf, tennis, biking, Ripstick


Acting classes (through Film 4) - Cathryn Sullivan; Commercials, Film, Improv, Stunts - Brock, Allen, et al.; Improv - Cody Linley; Improv - Guy Stevenson, Groundlings; Seminar - Howard Meltzer; Commercial 101 - Vicki Baumann; Seminar - Mitchell Gossett, CESD;


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