Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Tres Allison

Tres Allison

Film Experience

Nobody Likes A Bully (YouTube) Blind Date (Short Film) Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Ghost Adventures (Webisode)


Plays piano, Red/Black belt in karate, Gifted and Talented Program in school, Voracious Reader (taught himself to read at age 3), Excellent Memory, Learns lines extremely quickly, Takes direction well, Charismatic, Enthusiastic Personality, Baseball, Trampoline, Varied Interests.


Film 1- Film 4 Cathryn Sullivan, Lewisville, Texas, ‘Texas Actors Workshop’ Level II, John McAteer (ongoing) San Antonio, Mitchell Gossett, CESD – Acting Workshop, LA Commercial Workshop - Jennifer Boyce, Savage Agency, Cathryn Sullivan Comedy Workshop, Improv Workshop - Cody Linley & Logan Henderson, Ania O’hare, Dreamworks, Voiceover workshop; Cody Linley - Private lesson

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