Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Noah Cottrell

Noah Cottrell

Commercial Experience

Integrated Film Industries Harry Israelson
Stone Core Films Norry Niven
KAM Productions Michael McCourt
Southern Sky Films Cameron Gott
Eyemart Express Kurt Conner
Distillery Media Randy Peterson
Janimation, Inc. Steve Gaconnier
The Production Cartel Bill Schwarz
Sugar Film Production Chris Smith

Industrial Experience

The Production Cartel Principal Performer
Motion:Content Principal Performer

Film/TV Experience

Another Zombie Film Child Zombie Jessica Luce
Two to Go Pilot Marcus Craig Zisk


Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Swimming, Bass Fishing, Vivid Imagination, High Energy, All Things Superhero, Nerf, Fishing, Ballet for 2 years


Acting for Camera 1 - Caleb Pierce - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film-TX; Acting for Camera 2 - Carly Studer - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film-TX; Acting for Camera 3 - Cathryn Sullivan - Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film-TX;


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