Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Zachary Partin

Zachary Partin

Industrial Experience

Hasbro NERF “Dude Perfect" Primary Stone Core Films
JC Penney “Jingle More Bells Extra MJZ Productions
Hasbro NERF “Nerf Perfect Shot” Primary Stone Core Films
Music Video “Not Your Type” Primary Ovid Media
2012 Christmas Video Greeting Model Catchlight Studios LA
2012 Spring Video Ad Model Catchlight Studios LA

Theatre Experience

“Everywhere Fun Fair” Godwin Hardy United Methodist
Let’s Rock Hatthach Lufkin’s First Baptist Church
God of This City Todd Lufkin’s First Baptist Church


Guru of Useless Knowledge, Good with Animals, Australian Accent, Black Belt Taekwondo, Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Drums, Football, Track, Hunting


Innovative Artists Seminar - Jennifer Patredis/Robert Haas; On-Going Training - Amber Horn; Mitchell Gossett Seminar 2012, 2013 - Mitchell Gossett; Melissa Berger Seminar 2012, 2013 - Melissa Berger; Howard Meltzer Seminar 2013 - Howard Meltzer; Film 1-6, New Master 1, Scene Study, Voice Over - Cathryn Sullivan; Christi Soper/Priscilla Moralez Seminar 2013 - Soper/Moralez; Improv 2013 - Cody Linley; Make Funny, Science of Uploaded Auditions, Live Skype Showcase - John D’Aquino; Commercials 101-105, Look to Book - Vicki Baumann; Jennifer Patredis/Michael Hepburn Seminar 2011, 2012 - Patredis/Hepburn; Cathryn Stroud Seminar 2012 - Cathryn Stround;


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