Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Austin Elkins

Austin Elkins

Film Experience

Hoovey The Cult’s


Hip Hop Dancing, Pop and Lock Dancing, Singing, Improv, Listens and Reacts To Direction


Acting Workshop - Toni Cobb Brock - Lewisville, TX; Film 1-6 (ongoing) - Cathryn Sullivan - Lewisville, TX; Improv - Cody Linley - Lewisville, TX; Acting Technique - Christi Soper - Lewisville, TX; Vocal Instruction - School Of Rock - Frisco, TX; Hip Hop - Tenacity Dance - Frisco, TX; Acting Workshop - Mitchell Gossett - Lewisville, TX; Voice Over Workshop - Melissa Berger - Lewisville, TX; Hip Hop - ROM - OKC, OK;

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