Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Hunter Fischer

Hunter Fischer

Film Experience

Untitled Diablo Cody Project HBO Series-Treme’ Channel 26 News Houston
The Crime Scene Destination Unknown USC Film-The Cynicism of Harvey Kay
Forceful Imagination USC Film-Drommen USC Film-Elegy for the living
USC Film-Young Guns Magical Nanny Service Joykids Nasa Web-Series
No Bully Camp


Marksman (Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Bows) hunting, fishing, swimming, animals, skiing, playing video games, reading books


Scene Study - Adam Tait-Nick Set Coach; Improv Workshop - Ezra Weisz; On Camera Workshop - Wendy Faraone; On Camera Commercial Workshop - Terry Berland-Casting Director; Casting Workshop - Harriet Greenspan-Casting Director; Casting Workshop - Ryan Glorioso Casting/Brock Allen Casting; Auditioning & Cold Read - Jason LaPadura-Casting Director; Commercial Audition - Chris Ann Seay-Casting Director; Audition and Cold Ready - Joey Paul Jensen;

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