Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Connor James

Connor James

Union Membership


Commercial Experience

National commercials for most major advertising agencies. Current list upon request.

Film/TV Experience

Uncloudy Day Supporting
No Choice Supporting
Beneath the Darkness Young Travis Martin Guigui
When Angels Sing Travis Tim McCanlies
Out of the Darkness Young Jonah Danny Carrales
General Hospital Co-Star


Ice Hockey, Rollerblading, Snow Skiing, Snow Boarding, Basketball, Four Wheeling, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Golf, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Swimming, and Gymnastics


Scene Study: Kaley Hummel, Kris Kyer, Brian Bair; Cold Reading: Kris Kyer; Commercial: Brian Bair, Christine McClure; Improv: Kris Kyer;


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