Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Greyson Moore

Greyson Moore

Film Experience

Pros and Cons The Lamp Dirty Laundry
Last -Magnus The Only Cure Tales of The Shar’lar: The Collector


Black Belt TaeKwanDo, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Swimming, and Diving Singing, Dancing, Excellent student – Gifted and Talented Program, Public Speaking, Good w/animals.


Acting for Camera/Film - Cathryn Sullivan, Antonia De Nardo; Audition Techinques - Amber Horn, Ryan Glorioso; Improv - Cathryn Hartt, Cody Linley, Ben Sullivan; Scene study - Kina Bale, Vicki Baumann, Linda Leonard, Chris Ann Seay; Musical Theatre - Kristin McCollum, Lynn Ambrose, Erica Pederman; Piano - The Masters Touch - 2 yrs; Dance Training - Jenny Durbin, Kellie Carroll; Vocal Training - Lynn Ambrose, Erica and Shane Peterman;

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