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Clayton Mattingly

Clayton Mattingly

Film Experience

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Big Time Rush iCarly
Amarelinha (AFI Thesis) Pepper Mountain (CU Thesis) Desperate Housewives
Distrubia Awaken the Dead Invincible Scripture


I am very energetic. I have a great personality and love to make people laugh. My favorite video games are Guitar Hero and Super Mario Brothers. I also play baseball + soccer. Playing tricks on my bif sister is also a big hobby of mine.


Improv/On Camera-Cynthia Bain; Improv/On Camera-Dale Rehfeld; Cold Reading Intensive-Dale Rehfeld; On Camera Tech-James Hong;Auditions/Scene Study-April Hong; Scene Study/On-Camera-Gregg Edwards; Improv-In House Media, Hallie Todd; Improv-In House Media, Glenn Withrow; Comedy/Imporv-CBS Studios, Paul Ryan; Commercial Tech-The Acting Spot, Amy Farrell; Scene Study-Andy Goncalves; Scene Study-Nick Pietropaolo; Scene Study-Saxton Trainor; Monologues-Nathan Reid ; CD Workshops: Donna Rosenstein Casting, Danny Goldman Casting, Krisha Bullock Casting, Deborah Dion Casting

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