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Clayton Mattingly

Clayton Mattingly

Union Membership


Commercial Experience

*Conflicts upon request
Redtree Production Co. Matt Donaldson/Chuck Leal
Leo Burnett David Ilarner
Japanese Monster Peter Sprouse
Blacklake Production Arlo Rosner

Film/TV Experience

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Willy Roger Christiansen
Big Time Rush Bobby Joe Menendez
iCarly Wilson Kreeger Roger Christiansen
Amarelinha (AFI Thesis) Ted Francois Choquet
Pepper Mountain (CU Thesis) Young Mapappa Tyler J. Furstam
Desperate Housewives David Grossman
Distrubia Big Wheel Boy DJ Caruso
Awaken the Dead Child Zombie Jeff Brookeshire
Invincible Scripture Bookstore Patron Arnold Chun/Woodie S.


I am very energetic. I have a great personality and love to make people laugh. My favorite video games are Guitar Hero and Super Mario Brothers. I also play baseball + soccer. Playing tricks on my bif sister is also a big hobby of mine.


Improv/On Camera-Cynthia Bain; Improv/On Camera-Dale Rehfeld; Cold Reading Intensive-Dale Rehfeld; On Camera Tech-James Hong;Auditions/Scene Study-April Hong; Scene Study/On-Camera-Gregg Edwards; Improv-In House Media, Hallie Todd; Improv-In House Media, Glenn Withrow; Comedy/Imporv-CBS Studios, Paul Ryan; Commercial Tech-The Acting Spot, Amy Farrell; Scene Study-Andy Goncalves; Scene Study-Nick Pietropaolo; Scene Study-Saxton Trainor; Monologues-Nathan Reid ; CD Workshops: Donna Rosenstein Casting, Danny Goldman Casting, Krisha Bullock Casting, Deborah Dion Casting


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