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Ben Lux

Ben Lux

Commercial Experience

Heelys-- Rollio and Wheeliet Fueld Films
Fuel Up to Play with Tony Romo Third Street Mining Co.
Leap Frog Susanne Lancaster
Procter and Gamble Stewart Cohen Pictures
American Standard DeGarmo Films
North Texas Water District
Glad TV Animatic DDB
HEB Plus N20 Editorial
Mac-N-Cheese Cool Cuts 4 Kids
Cool Cuts 4 Kids-National Disney Campaign
Stone Core Films (Hands) Norry Niven
Stone Core Films Norry Niven
Rock House Films Sharon Reinschmiedt Rocky Powell
Warren Douglas Pinpoint Ideas & Solutions Michael Oleksinski
The Richards Group (Hands) Tom Ryan

Industrial Experience

American Standard Principal DeGarmo Films
Procter and Gamble Principal Stewart Cohen Pictures

Theatre Experience

Scrooge, The Musical Townsperson, elf, beggar Plano Children’s Theatre

Film/TV Experience

The Lamp Ronny Martin
Trost Moving Pictures
Five Souls Daniel
Five Souls Production, LLC
Barney’s “Let’s Go On A Vacation” Rusty, Lead
Hit Entertainment
Living Proof Matt Slamon Renee Zellweger/Harry Connick Jr.
Sony Pictures
The Beacon Danny Shaw, Lead
The Beacon Movie, LLC
UNT Distance Learning Staff Training-School Setting Lead UNT Department of Behavioral Analysis
Barney Celebrating Around the World 20th Anniversary Video Day Player
Hit Entertainment
Good Manners Are Back Himself
Tony Comiti, Producer
Toe to Toe with a Pro (Pilot) Co-Star
The Whistle
Grossology Himself, Lead
Good Morning Texas
Barney and Friends Series Rusty, Lead
“Let’s Take A Vacation” Rusty, Lead
“Big Brother Rusty” Rusty, Lead
“A Bird of a Different Feather” Rusty, Lead


Ben loves sports. Beginning parkour, free-running, stunts, air soft, paintball, hip hop, pro-scooter. Ben is on a Speech and Debate team where he continually excels and is qualified for Nationals. Teakwood (Camouflage belt)


Andrew Magarian (LA) privates, Joey Paul Jensen Disney Workshop, Howard Meltzer Workshop, Shannon Flynn Workshop, Tony James Workshop-Lion King , YBAA/Chris and Candy Prod. Performance Camp, Jenny Durbin- Choreographer, Tammy Fey (The Wiz), Michael Ricco (Grease), Lynn Ambrose Musical Theater, Amy Vanderoef-Good Morning Texas, Mitchell Gossett Scene Study Workshop, Kid Pro Acting -Cathryn Sullivan. Hasbro Workshop. Tony Gonzales Voiceover


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