Kim Dawson Agency Talent

Austin Lux

Austin Lux

Film Experience

The Sno Cone Stand The Beacon Celebrating Around the World, Barney's 20th Anniversary
Barney and Friends Series (2007-2008) UNT Distance Learning Film Staff Training-School Setting Good Manners Are Back


Austin is a very quick study. Personality Plus, a real charmer! He takes direction well. Austin is a great swimmer, bike-rider, and piano-player. He loves Tae kwon do, fencing, and creating with Lego's and Transformers. He loves to make new "inventions". After becoming a famous movie star, he plans to attend M.I.T. for robotic engineering and then become President of the U.S.


Joey Paul Jensen's Disney Workshop (2008), Tony James Workshop (Choreographer- Lion King; Enchanted), C & C Productions Performance Camp (2008), Jenny Durbin- Choreographer, Hasbro Workshop, Tammy Fey (The Wiz), Michael Ricco (Grease), Lynn Ambrose- Musical Theater, Amy Vanderoef (Good Morning Texas), Mitchell Gossett Scene Study Workshop (Jan/Dec 2007), Melissa Berger Voiceover Workshop (Jan/Dec 2007), Vickie Baumann's Monologue Workshop (2006), Tony Gonzales' Voiceover Workshop (2006), Joey Paul Jensen's Disney Workshop (2006), Cathryn Sullivan's Script Workshop (2006 and 2007), Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Camera 1-9 (2006-2007), KD Studio's Kreative Kids Workshop

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