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Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith

Commercial Experience

Extensive List Available Upon Request

Theatre Experience

Spend Awhile on the Nile Mr. Cruise Dallas Playhouse

Film/TV Experience

Friday Night Lights (9 Episodes) Recurring Guest Star
Toe 2 Toe With A Pro Co-star Abby Dix
Barney Principal Kina Bale
Gallow’s Road Lead Billy McAdams
Changing Supporting Lela Bell


SPORTS: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, Swimming; DANCE: Hip-Hop, Tap; INSTRUMENTS: Cello; ADDITIONAL: Avid Reader, Cooking, Watching Old Sitcoms;


The Lyndon Technique w/Amy Lyndon, Cynthia Bain, Amber Horn, Cathryn Sullivan, Cathryn Hartt, Chris Seay, Brock/Allen, Joey Paul Jensen, Ryan Glorioso, Mitchell Gossett


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